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Sub Category : R&B/soul
So much gloomy days in the world we living. Food and gas price off the chalk. Having problems with rent to pay. The president is killing us all with so much pressure and stress. The devil work of games he played. And people panic of horror. Watching news on tv. Notices the war with U.K. I said Wait a minute the president just quit another war zone. There’s no peace treaty to that. We are wondering what’s going on with this. Russia Vs U.K. Now America soldiers about to fight after retreat. I worry about people getting killed. This is a very biggest task. While scams hacking on data base systems. We are in trouble with so many damages. That man got to quit the house and having another president. So much bugs and crashing in nets. Got to wait for an hour for rebooted. How long do we got to be tortured from this.


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