The Water Turning Into Blood Read Count : 13

Category : Songs

Sub Category : reggae
Watching the water inside a well. And the streams from the river banks. Nice and warm outside to seeing the sun rise. Till the drop from an visible figure drip inside those water. The color red from an normal blood. Drop my mouth with shocking. There’s is blood flowing by. I refuse to drink from the well. What if poison kills me. Blood stains on the ground will panic many people. With red marks on skins that can take a while to coming off. Only can drink juice, milk and soda. When thirst my mouth. I telling my sister don’t drink water from the bank. So much color red in the river around us. People screaming with terror. What to know is that a plaque or sin. I can’t go swimming today. Same in the Black Sea. Mom can’t wash her hair and cooking some soup for pa’s. The river changes to red due to careless of the sea.


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