So Big With The Smile Read Count : 16

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
That smiley balloon floating in the city. It’s large then the sun. My uncle starts to panic trying to get sun tan. Everybody post that large image on web sites. I can’t see a light in the sky. So much shade over me. Move out the way before I scream. One large color balloon. Little Mattew playing outside wonder why the big ball in the sky. My boyfriend trying to look in his googles, oh crap that balloon not moving. There’s a senior sleeping on the side. I calling the news and police. People rushing out their doors. There’s a man sleeping in the balloon. Taking pictures to the sky. Looks like a dot. I see th e sun setting and finally air planes showing up. They rescue a senior sleeping on board. People shouting and clapping their hands. The world record large balloon. Can’t believe he’s falling into sleep.


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