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I going crazy with my attitude. Momma yielding and daddy drives me insane. I can’t get no life in this house. So much drama on the plate with little kids. Baby momma at my throat over child support.I can’t stand the boss in the job getting on my last nerves. Getting into fights at schools yard and arrested by the police’s. I got jump by some fools at the Chinese stand. So much enemies I don’t even trust. I got chase down by those pit bulls. Used to be my main best friends. I watching tv with the main boys. Till got cheating off on my hundred dollar bill bet. Fighting my battles and getting jump in the living room. Back and forth into the cells with the rest of the group. Refuse to trust those liars. And rats next to me. So much anger in jail cells. I can’t sleep at night. My parents got me bare out. So much fussing in the car way back home. I couldn’t getting myself some burger and fries. At home hearing this blah,blah,blah.


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