My Butt Bigger Like A Watermelon Read Count : 17

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Wake up in the morning ready for my day. Notices my butt grew out an inch. I started to scream with my frown. It’s bigger like a balloon. All my pants won’t fit with that side. And my dress makes me look like a senior. I catching the Metro bus. My butt in the way of people faces. When the driver slam his breaks. My butt hitting the man face. He gots angry and yielding at me. I didn’t mean to it’s swollen up this morning. At work helping get her many papers. My butt won’t stop knocking flies down. The boss gots so angry. She said Get check up or you fire. And I shaking with my bubble. Guys keeps looking at my junk. I sick of this mess. I went to the hospital getting check up. People wonder what wrong with my butt. I said Waking up in the wrong side of bed. And I got a check up. Crazy news came from the doctor.


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