Love, Happiness And Pain Read Count : 56

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
In relationship our ups and down. Baby I love when seeing your face. Like a picture with the flame. People said We met to be together. Hearts and roses suprise you every Valentines. I the gentleman to open doors for a woman. Give you a smile with the wink. Remember me for your true prince. Carry you threw the hard times. Baby filled my heart with pressure. So much happiness in my soul. Can I be your underdog. Lifting bags in after the shopping. I know your mind thinking all the wildness things. Spinning around in the long silky dress. The man got needs for a beautiful  woman. Yeah. Give you a kiss just like Peter Pan. My baby, days stress out and gloomy. I said Sweetie what’s with the stormy clouds. So much pain in her life. Telling me to be quiet. For a second. I got upset and we auring. I was about to walking away from her. I wanna to know who destroyed my angel. 


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