I’m There If You Sign The Contract Read Count : 5

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Got many fans wanna giving up. Or going threw hell in their houses. I the main boss will helping you out. With few gads. To show you. Even rich people goes to K-POP. Meeting up with those stars. With money, power and fame taken away. Feeling like the king in the castle. Same with rich powerful women too. Getting hair and nails done. Most of money goes to me. Making sure you riding clean. Don’t be sad playa. You are the gang. Go ahead sister with a source. Having sex and crews fix you up. Shaking money for strip club. Got a job with free will. Hanging with the killer crews. Are a slave to pride. Helping families on their feet. Getting you out of situations. Need a doctor to help your sickness. In the man to help you with lawyers. Due to law sues in the case.


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