God Brings Me Joy Read Count : 61

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Waking up in the morning. When sunshine over me. I on my knees saying an morinf prayers. With an Holy Spirit floating within me. Looking out my bedroom window. There’s no storm to sadness my day. Weaving at my father in heaven. Sense an blessing nearby. Getting ready to start my day. Drinking coffee and eating my breakfast. Watching the news about the days going. So sad to see what happen in the town. Sin not the answer to the holy world. And I hope everything is ok. Hearing a joyful singing into my spirit. Getting ready to go the work. Little children weaving at me. So peaceful outside my house. Singing a praise songs. At work filling out many forms. Seeing an dove flying by the window. Sun brighten my office room. With good greets and friendships. Thank you Lord for this wonderful day. Sun begins to setting with a smile.


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