Down Low Dirty Shame Read Count : 7

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
My man is no good to me. Pushes me into the limit. I can’t even having a good day. When he wants to treated me bad. I don’t need a fool of he’s not that into me. He sitting on the couch given me an dirty look. Saying Some hurtful words. With no respectful voice. I getting sick and tired of his crap. I refuse to marry an nasty man. Can’t cleaning his mess. He’s playing with dirt in my life. What kind of man can’t keep his self in order. With crap all over the bathroom area. That’s not my germs. It’s his. Smelling really bad around other people. What going on with his head lately. Is he doing this on the wrong. That’s not any apology or accident. Disrespectful and no care to his mother and children. I refuse to falling in love with an ass like him. Always has his hands out for money. Keeping lying to his self.


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