Can’t Miss My Time On Earth Read Count : 47

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Now a senior about to plan the party for my mid nineties. Enjoy life while I can. Travel around the world with my grandchildren. Watching them grows. Life is too short to living in pain. Refuse going out and having so much fun. It’s time to get up everybody. Take a walk in spring time. Garden my flowers by my house. Going on the country side with my niece. And buying few clothes and plates. Taking pictures is together. Don’t know when my life gonna last. They all got to understand we are seniors too. Someday I  headed home to Christ. I may not be able to moving around too much longer. Grandma got to do what’s is right for my soul. Not letting any anger and stress taking over me. Living a good life and thanking God for blessing me during every years. The senior taking time to focus on life. Now my grand babies turn to rise up in future.


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