Baby What’s Wrong Read Count : 49

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Laying next to my woman. Trying to holding her type. She pushes me away. I giving her a puzzle look. I seeing her facing alone on the side of bed. A man can’t stand the woman bad mood. I wanted to know is she hiding something from me. Or she not telling me the truth. Something telling me to turn her over. And turning back the lights on. She said I just wanted go back to sleep. Baby what the h## have I done to you. Push me into the edge. In the morning about to getting ready for work. Seeing my woman up so early fixing breakfast. I walking down stairs notices the box of cereal and milk on the table. I notice she stop cooking for me in the morning. On till she talking and flirting on the telephone. My heart was broken. I hang up the phone. We begins to fighting. Cussing and auring. I said I got something for you! B#### Karma will bounce right back to you!


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