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Who is that in the Metro bus! Driving people to places! On till finds out it’s Bret Pitts driving the bus! Women begins to screams and shouting in front of the driver! That main person with an attitude drags him out the seat! Then here comes his biggest fans to rescue the movie star! On my way to hospital getting my butt repair! Due to objects we playing around not it’s stuck in my ass! Seeing hottie Paula from the tv show got me suprise! Removing the objects from my butt and messing around cum on myself! One hottie nurse gave me the odd look! I said Can I have your autograph to keep in years! I walking out the hospital as different person after the object remove! People stares and laughs to post on Facebook! At church with my parents Sunday morning! With the big supries I saw Bill Gates at the door! Everybody jumps with joy rushing out to meeting him!


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