My Apple Got Bloody Read Count : 9

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
Eating my fruit that’s red and normal! On till finds out the blood in my mouth! I begins to scream with frightened! What kind of fruit is that I’m eating! The apple turns into blood! I not a vampire! I’m shaking with my hands filled with blood! Running away from those fruits! In my kitchen trying to figure out! Why on earth my fruit turning bad! No spoil and worms inside! Just the blood will get me sick! I got a feeling the witch cast a spell! Or the bay flying in my home! Something switch my main apple! Into the blood from hell! It’s not Halloween! When a good fruit turning bad! I’m shaking like a snake on the ground! So glad I didn’t eating poison fruit! Testing the biting apple! It belongs to the prince! I am surprise and shock! He mistake my apple to his! The vampire open the door for his fruit!


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