Illness Over Takes Me Read Count : 54

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Waking up feeling different. Moving my head begins to hurting. I don’t know what it is. Temperature is rising like a fever. My back pain is borther me. I can’t getting up like wanted to. Something tells me the weather catching in. Keeps on coughing and nose running bad. All man, I can’t going to work like this. Cover myself up in my blaket. But instead the heat is rising into one hundred and my nose dripping. I can’t reach straight to my cell phone. Somebody at work must be sick with something. Another person can catch the illness. The flu system. Or something else trying to killing me. And I scare of my friends. Open window for some air. Don’t got any fan and air conditioner. People starts to panic and ran into their houses. Germs traveling around the building with sickness. Calling the cab to go into hospital. Pain, fever and others I need ambulances. 


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