Giving Back To Our Planet Read Count : 39

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Come on everybody helping our nature. Giving thanks to mother earth . Shine over us. Make the world a better place. Saving animals from the factories. Smelling bad to good air. Oils spills getting remove from sea. Prevented acid rain. So much gas in the air makes us sick. Let’s stop the trash on the ground. Little children saving lives. Show our parents how to support those life form. Me and my friends gardens flowers in the neighborhood. Watching others saving water. Keep electricity off during day time. Saving energy for our sources. So many generations ahead of us. Continue make the world a better place. Keeping dark skies from ending our lives. Please don’t making create outbreak outer control. My cat playing around in the back yard. In hale frash air to breathe. Thanking her for continuing saving our planet. Mother earth is where we coming from.


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