Drag Me To Hell Read Count : 51

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Sub Category : Rock
Born in the sinful world! Darkness night from my soul! Can’t having a wonderful years! Thinking about the wrong paths! Devilish worshippers in the world! Listen to the undead things! Cutting my waist in the bath tub! Got my face tattoo with a skull! People calling me the freak show! I was going to snap on those groups! Instead they got poison anyway! One murder monster of me! Dress in black believe in the grim reaper! Let the spider crossing my pathway! With a spirit can’t leave my soul! Bite my lip with blood dripping! Even kids said I need some help! I understand the fear holy one! Chasing me for sacrifice to the dark side! Come closure to my dorm! Grab him by his throat and cut his neck with my knife! Lick his blood and put the curse to bring the dead back on earth!


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