Cow Flying In The Sky Read Count : 48

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
The lonely animal in the farm. With a wings like an bird. So many people drop their mouths. Never seen a crow with those wings. Staring at the cloud in the sky. Ready travel across the land. Little can be with a special skills. Begins to floats away. Maybe colors white and black. A little animal chasing birds. Small world we all know. Who is that up in the sky. No storm to scare the cow. A snow can make him sick. The funny animal with bigger wings. To flying up in the sky near a sun. The friendly cow like the design a cloud. Farmer notices his cow a rare. Others birds wonder what the hack is that. The animal with wings. Just like Dumbo big to fly. Lift Mrs. Patty up in the sky. So much stars to see at night. The cow finally flying down.


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