Boy Good Bye Read Count : 47

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Our relationship is coming into the end of our road. So much fussing and fighting over stupid things. Getting on my last nerves with cheating and playing games. Boy I don’t need this problem anymore. We used to loving and filled with happiness. So many message from your cell phone. Till I find out another girl calling you. What on earth is she doing on your voice mail. He snatch his cell phone back said None of your business. I know he’s playing dirt under his sleeve. Oh he’s needs to stepping. That’s alright what goes around will come back around. You don’t go around and cheating on me like that. Pretend you not cheating. She your best friend. Wanted change a subject everytime. You saying something. Getting these to many attitudes around me. Too much pressure into my heart.


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