Working At The Body Wash Read Count : 43

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Going to the body shop. Cleaning dirty people bodies. Don’t need breach and cars cleaners. Even seniors needs their butts cleans. Gather all the brushes and liquid soaps. Laying on the table. While workers cleaning inside too. Welcome to our business hours. Little children getting special too. Got to shower with cool robots. Hearing kids playing around the slide. While their parents getting cleaning up from the workers. Dogs sneaks in. People chase them out. Animals not allow to be cleaning up. Only for humans. That didn’t get a chance to take a bath. Little fussing babies gets care too. Seniors workers taking care of the rest. While babies is laughing and blowing bubbles out their mouths. Parents gets their children while laughing and clean. Washing up people skins without the machines. Washing off those dirts and stress from your systems.


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