There’s No Sunshine When He’s Gone Read Count : 43

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
At home staring out my window. I wish you was here with me. Feeling alone in my chair from the rain. I can sense his present nearby. After I hearing bad news from the doctor. I pass out with tears in my eyes. He got shot in the street. I driving my car alone to the park. Seeing couples having an picnic together. It’s so cute when me and him did the same thing. I sitting on the bench getting some fresh air. Lovely day for the birds to sing. Staring at those seniors holding hands for husband and wife. I open my bag and staring at the old picture with us holding hands too. Without you, here I so alone. Feeling down cast and confuse. Why leaving me too soon my baba. Crying alone on this bench without your touch. At my room looking at these funny picture of us.


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