Stop Picking Your Butt Read Count : 55

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
In the mall sitting with my friends at the food court. This lady is picking her butt. The smells stinks almost got us sick. I yielding at this lady. She almost got slap my face with her funky hand. I can’t stand a disgusting person with no matters. We left the mall because of her. Nasty slut. In class at the college working and study at the library. On till the nasty boy strectching his butt and sniff into that nose of his. I put my hands on my mouth and said You nasty mother f*****. This guy touching the book after touching his a**. I almost pick on the desk. Instead I running into the trash can. Poor adult grab the nasty funky book. I let the man know that guy messing with his butt. He begins to panic and spraying all over the book. Next time I stick with an cleaner side.


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