Rains Never Goes Away Read Count : 42

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
I can’t playing football with my friends outside. The flood gates over power the city. So much rainy skies won’t fade away. The clouds taking over the earth. Where is the sun light joy. Filling with stormy clouds. I glad no thunder to scare me at night. Oh,oh,my. My baby girl sleeping in her bed while I staring at the window. There’s is nothing to do. I should buy me a video game to play. Instead I buy my baby hair styles kits she wanted. The raining just won’t stopped at all. Hearing the water dripping down from my roof top. I got to getting an bucket and control from linking. There’s no relaxing from that of worry. Why so much water to over rated our town. I can’t going to work due to cancel from the flood. I wish the sunshine comes over the town. Refuse the clouds taking over the view. I playing my footballs with my boys outdoors. Don’t have to worry about the bad news.


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