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I notices my mom got an make over. With hair cut and matching clothes. We laughing and said What’s with throw back 80’s. She kicking up the outfits. Mom must be going to the club with her friends. Dad just laugh and thumbs up. My dog ran out the door. With an style that I wouldn’t go anywhere. On my way to school with my friends. Children wonder what the hack my mom got one. Till I finds out that’s kids like her outfits. I didn’t drop my mouth and hop in the trash can. Just like Jeff when his mom won’t stop dressing her short clothes. I let my friends know my mom from way back. The land with rocks stars and retro colors. And we wish to have a throw back school days. To wearing clothes without uniforms. My teacher laugh and said Nice clothes. We in class while mom headed to work. Everybody likes her styles.


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