I Wanna To Show You The Way Read Count : 54

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Baby let me taking you on the spin. To the newer place you never been. I know you got hopes and dreams becoming something much bigger. Let’s go to the land of paradise just like marry couples. Baby girl don’t let go of me. I will show you the cities of our lives forever. Just listen to your heart and soul. Letting go all the past problems behide. Never said You can’t make it to the top. I holding on to you in the greatest ship. Same for the king in castle adores his queen. Treating her with so much loving. What means to her is kissing and hugs. Same for us together on the limousine. Lights shining over our faces with sparkling stars. Wanna travel to the country just like Japan. Or maybe going to Lost Vegas for our future honey mood. Let me be the gentleman to spoiler you every needs. I will do anything to keeping us together.


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