Don’t Trust A Hoe Read Count : 40

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Women can be a trick in their sleeves. When it’s comes to money. Going places behind your back and spending all the cash’s. The pimp wonder what’s going on in the kitchen. With all the girls acting different with hair and nails done. Man, I wonder know is they stealing half those cash. Coming in my big house with an newer personality. In the club making money for my bills. Few of them refuse to make a wrong turn. This hoe ain’t no good looking side to side. I sense an odd with my money inside her pockets. I begins  to shaking her upside down. Taking all my money back and tell her to get the stepping after that slap. I don’t have time to keep a woman stealing like a thief. If you promise to taking care of me then please don’t act like a thief. These girls from all ages prostitution in the night. Don’t ever let a two face Hoe fuck you up with that money.


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