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Need an accountant for your company? You might think you do not want one since, why would you spend this money when you can use an app or simply do it yourself using business accounting software? 

Every small business owner wants to reduce expenses, regardless of experience level or stage of development. You therefore spend only what is necessary for your business. A business accountant hired from accounting services Surrey offers can help you save thousands of dollars while also making life as a small business owner much simpler. 

In light of this, how do you know when to hire a business accountant and how do you pick the best one for your small company? Ask your business accountant these questions to evaluate them. 

Even though you are not hiring your company's accountant as an employee, you should not conduct this hiring process any differently. Without careful thought and an interview, you would not hire a new employee. 

Selection of your company's accountant will require the same level of care. Check out their background right away and enquire about client references. After that, have a face-to-face conversation with the applicant to get a sense of how they will fit into your company. 

These are the top 6 inquiries you ought to make of any prospective business accountant if you're unsure of what to ask one. 

How many small companies have you collaborated with?

Find out how many small businesses they have worked with initially. You understand first-hand difficulties involved in managing a small company because you are one. Your financial requirements will be distinct and different from those of a medium- or large-sized business. 

You should work with a business accountant who is familiar with challenges of running a small company and has some prior experience doing so. Give those clients a call as well. An experienced business accountant ought to be willing to provide references. 

Find out how this accountant helped them and whether they would suggest them for your small business.

How long have they been working?

Check this candidate's experience in your specific industry before hiring just any business accountant. If you run a very specific business with specific accounting needs, you will want an advisor with experience in your industry as many accountants specialize in particular industries. 

Asking about their experience working with companies structured similarly to yours is also important. You will have various accounting needs, whether you're a corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietor—especially during tax season. 

Exactly what services do they offer?

The most fundamental services provided by business accountants are tax preparation and auditing support, which are provided by most accounting firms. But you ought to also think about any additional services they provide. Do they conduct risk assessments, budgeting, business valuations, or bookkeeping? Get a sense of what else this candidate can do for your company since the best chartered accountants Surrey offers will be able to provide more than just tax and auditing services. 


An accountant canbe a valuable advisor for your company. By providing you with resources to expand over time, a great business accountant can assist you. Beginning with an accountant who thoroughly comprehends your small business will enable them to build your financial model from the ground up, assisting you as you grow your enterprise. 


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