Bubble Gum My Favorite Read Count : 45

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
When I was a little girl. I going to the candy store. Buying me some bubble gum. So many selections I rather choose pink. Loving the grape fruit favor inside my mouth. When the gum goes pop. The bubble is bigger as the ball. I got to grab so many for myself to try. I got me the second smells so hot with cinnamon too. Giving one big taste and feeling the heat threw my touge. I going crazy with the burn it’s so hot just like the summer. I can’t stand the after math when the favor is gone. Plain and tough. I trying to blow my little gum no bigger bubbles comes out. Very tough and plain aftermath taste. My third blue bubble smells really good. Mom likes blueberries that’s why I have to rush up stairs before she notices. Looking at the cutie shape perfect circle bubble gum. Taking a bite with a taste creamy on the inside and hard out.


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