Wild Girls Join The Twerk Teams Read Count : 61

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Just like the gang members. In the hood called the projects. Wild college girls gets busy on the dances floor. At the club called Checkers. Go head momma getting funky. Pop that booty with the hand stand. All the home boys joins on the dances floor. With a wild out weekends. Don’t dances jack ass. People will vote you off. Minnie ladies showing how it’s done. Pop that ass like a jelly roll. Hanging with mix a lot. Baby got back with J-Lo Booty. Bros staring hard and snatching women up. Sexy women all over the hood. Long hair showing their ass. Lesbians kissing booties. V.I.P champions Barbie’s with prefect moves. Strips super color hair killer. Many money throwing in the air. For super model fine ass chicks. Music blasting in the club with twerking all over the floor.


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