Stay Away From The Woods Read Count : 53

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
The trees is dark and spooky! Strangers and murders burying bodies! Missing objects hidden in the field! With the place ones call home! Ghosts watching every footsteps! The old pathway gets you lost! A monster moving alone the way! This area not for children to play! Even storms making worse! Can’t see a thing but pine cones in trees! The lonely deer used to nature! It’s not for us to playing in the area! Even witches going in for crafts and arts! The world is filled with trees getting closer! The nightmares begins once’s you struck without an freedom! With pits and traps inside those soils. Those woods not a fun playground! People having a bad history been attack by an bear! The woods been wilderness over years! There used to be an Indian graveyard! Sense unwelcome spirit in the center! So many nature and trees don’t fool your self!


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