Rock Filled With Moss Plants Read Count : 54

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Country
Walking in the field with my dog. Something strange across the way. What’s with the bad older. On till we found the world rarest plants. Little green moss on top of those rocks. I got on my cell phone. Taking picture and post on the net with my face mask on. Even my dog got to wear his too. Little birds refuse going near that rock. So much breeds all over the bottom. Must be a moving object near by. Giving my feet the chills from my legs. Looking up from the sky. I think aliens just plants those leads. Or fugus momster has to go the bathroom. I wouldn’t dare mess with that crap. One of those plants died years ago. And coming back from the grave. Light green plants I ever seen. That’s my Grandmom favor color all time. She would scream for those. My dog keeps on sniffing on the ground. Till the rock scares him. With an movements on the bottom and it’s walking around.


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