Money Over Women Read Count : 38

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Baby I can’t buy this. Let’s go to the helping service. With free clothes and jewelry’s. If I was rich that money is mine. I just can’t give you the world. Traveling to the sea with my friends. I’m careful with my pay check. Round Christmas time doing the same thing. With few bucks to keep. Just like dollar tree. Getting anything that’s is very cheap. I wrapped those gifts for my woman. Refuse go to circus with amont to pay. I know her brother taking her there. I not a gentleman type. Spending cash that drags me broke. Don’t used my baby for her cash. I think for a cheap skate. Refuse to having cable and others expensive things. Keeping that money closing and simple. That money remains inside my bank. Others free sights is good for me. Learn how to save that amount.


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