Let’s Get Nude Read Count : 48

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
Sick of tired wearing clothes! Those gets damage and cost too much! I got to coming up the plan for myself! So I can feel right! I giving up all my clothes and nude myself away! Standing down town with many people around! I ripping off my clothes and throwing away in the trash! People shocking and disgusting what I’m doing! Others didn’t mind remove their clothes too! So many of us walking down the streets! Together disagree of clothes! I standing up strong with our fronts and backs showing! Other people posting us on internet! With flash skins without any clothes police’s men surrounded us all! Just like protesting in the streets! We all refuse to put on those itchy clothes! So much mites gives us all the hissing fists! I don’t need anything to wear! Other people trying to starting a fights! This is my body! The truth is I not a shame being naked!


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