I Thought My Day Was Great Read Count : 10

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
On my social place in the first date. Waiting for the right one coming alone. On till I saw a clown with his suit. I having to excuse myself. Looking in the mirror. I saw myself a mute. I shaking with chills. I just playing alone on my first date. People drop their mouths. With horn sound and tricks. He spray me with his bottle. Till it was wine. I got so angry and shout. He gave me the towel but it’s a napkin. I crying with tears. The clown kisses my lips. Oh,no… So much laughs from the workers. Pictures myself marry with clown children. I need to run. The clown surprise me with flowers. Oh,crap! My friends shocking to see me. Finally it’s time for us to leave. While I waiting by the bus stop. The clown drive away with an small funny car. With his horn sound. And I pass out on the bench. 


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