Go To Bed Read Count : 20

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Feeling so tired and relaxing. The spell in the clouds mist got my energy down. Refuse to waking up and seeing the raining drops. Wind blows threw my window. Closing and laying back to bed. Not going to work in the morning breaks. Waiting till even to leaving and start my day job. Holding my pillow between my legs. And sleeping. I wish to sleeping all day long without going out. Work doing the day. Only getting up to clean myself and eating too. I not a gamer or tv person. Don’t listen to my radio inside the house. Just so peace and quiet. Don’t need any non sense near me. I forcus on myself. Sleeping threw the day time. I getting back to bed after off from work. I so tired. Sunny days is harder and harder. Got to order me a black coating to keep the sun out.


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