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Everytime I trying speaking to you. Words coming from the other ears. I don’t know is my language that you having problems with. Or you just been rude. When I say Hello how are you doing. All you got to say is Hi. Not turning me down and walking away for a stranger on the corner. At the store going shopping about to buying few foods. I seeing you speaking to others. I said What the hack is that. You don’t even know those people. When I say hi to you. You avoid me. You keeping on giving me an odd look. What kind of person can be so mean. Don’t know how to respect and respond to others. If he keeps ignoring me. I will show this fool the new me. At church with my family always sitting in the front row. The same person with an attitude. I let my family know what’s his problem. Without weaving at him. We talking to other people.


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