Bengals Headed To The Super Bowl Read Count : 57

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Sub Category : Rap
Running straight to touch down. Not giving up the blessing. Got my eye on the trophy. And same for the tiger waiting for his prize. With orange and black strips. Don’t want to hear the word bums. Let’s those haters know we are the champions. Proof to the Rams. We can making a difference. So much tigers walking together. Getting ready for the show down. In the state of Ohio comes join fans. With many cheers. Let’s show the blue and yellow we got the skills. Tackling the rams on the sideline. With so much roars and touch down. Got the others teams weak on their knees. Weaving our colors kids. Same for others countries too. The players wanna thank you all for supporting. Lookin in the jungle. Facing the football trophy in our home. With so much celebration continuing on till early dawn. Bring home our number one trophy.


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