Why Is She Wearing That Hoochi Momma Skirt Read Count : 17

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Sub Category : Rap
My man staring at another woman. In the shopping store with short skirt on. I went crazy and pull him to the side. Staring at another woman with no sense. I said What the hack is she got on! And why are you staring at her like that! He said She a fine mother trucker. And I about to have a fit. In the club dancing to some D.J. Seeing this same woman. I rolled my eyes at her. And my man starts to drooping with his mouth open. I got upset and said Let’s go to the V.I.P. But instead he said I wanna to meet her. I got angry and said What the hack! I pull him back by his ear and heads out. At home I put him in check. Can’t go anywhere because he’s flirting. I got too angry wanna fight that chick. But instead I telling him she a hoe. My man knows the J word. I said No boo, she too nasty. You need to understand we’re together. He said Ok. I won’t do that ever again.


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