There’s Something In The Fog Read Count : 10

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
Can’t see where I’m going! So much mist in the air! Just like the scary movies giving me the creeps. What is that weaving in the air! A giant monster across my path! I got to run back into my house! Shaking from head to toes! I watching out my window! The slam car rolling down the street! I back up from the window and my neighbor begins to scream! That alien sound is angry and spooky! I grab my bat and panic with terror! Just like movies we watching on tv!  My boyfriend running for his life!  He said Have my burger not my life! I rushing to open the door and let him in! That biggest monster got many eyes! I closes my door and screaming with fear! Hearing and running out to the back! Our window got busted and snatch poor bird! I was so upset he got eat! My boyfriend and me running into the woods! We getting chase down by a giant creature!


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