So Much Bugs In My House Read Count : 18

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Waking up in my bed filled with creepy crawlers. Begins to scream and shut my door. Those bugs all over the place. Where are my spray to knocking them down too the ground. All those hissing cockroaches rushing threw the inner walls. Picture an alien big and side for those bugs. I got to fight them out of my fridge and house. Can’t cooking my pasta for dinner. When those same creepy bugs coming my way. Bugs jumping off from the ceiling inside my pasta bowl. I got so angry just dipping that insect inside. And feeding to my husband. Hearing the crunching sound almost make me sick. These insects just won’t giving up leaving my home and food alone. While my man eating the rest of food. I have to cook me some tv dinner. Those bugs still crawling around walls to another sections. Can’t stand those little ugly things. I have to make an call to getting rid of some pests inside.


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