Running Away Brides And Grooms Read Count : 11

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
On the wedding day suppose to be special! Walking down with her dad! While they dress and wedding dress and suit! A beautiful chapel and wonderful dances halls!  Got a flower girl and a ring boy! There’s a up,oh with nerves! Something isn’t right with your lover! Missing or damage during the wedding day! Heart breaker must be alone! People and family are shock to see a crying women! The man going crazy and destroy the bells chapel with anger! Why all this years to be in love and no so well! Should’ve stay home with ice cream and tv! Without the word hearts and roses! It’s too late saying I do! Turning out to be don’t! Be careful soon to be lovers! So much hates leaves in revenge! Yeah! Don’t running away it’s bad luck! Trying to make things right for him and her! Sun shining and moon night falls! There’s a problem just can’t getting out your system! Don’t mess with an heart breaker!


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