Murder She Wrote Read Count : 50

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
So much mystery in the story. About people going on the killing spree. Senior lady writing a story about murder and gores. While thunder and lighting outside. The only woman in the mansion. She got a story to tell the world. So much tragic leads to shame. So much papers on her desk. Little cat sneaking up from behide her. She got scare and continued the cold blood story. Vision myself in a rich movie Star shining in the light. On till one night in the shower didn’t know was the killer inside my house. I wonder is that a security guard. She got attack behide the shower curtain. I starting writing a tale story about the movies star ending. There’s so much clues to explains with the people in court. Pick a color of the book case. Not finishing the others chapters. So much solve with those stories.


  • Dec 16, 2022

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