I Must Be Hearing Things Read Count : 40

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
In my room writing my note book. On till I hearing my name calling. I said Baby was that you. My boyfriend giving me the crazy look. I shake my head with chills. I wonder what could it be. Must be dream. Walking back to my bedroom. Still hears my name calls again. Must be a ghost from the grave. Hanging with my friends. Shopping in the mall for some clothes. That same voice calling my name. I asking my friend and she puzzle me. She said Girl there’s a ghost or you going nuts. Her said That wasn’t me. I drop my mouth and rub my eyes. I believe that voice is haunted. And we continue shopping for something else. At home watching tv with my man. Lights off and tv on stand. I hearing my name calling again. My boyfriend said I need to go the nut house. There’s is something calling me.


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