Holes On The Wall Read Count : 7

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
I gets mad at my house! Crashing everything to the floor! Sick and tired of this mess! With no happiness around! Can’t go to work because my temper! Got fire on my first day! People don’t know how to shut their yap! I think like a jack ass! Running my car into the kitchen! Stop Useding the bathroom for awhile! Only going to resturants with my friends! People looking at me crazy! I said They can’t cook! And you are correct my food is black! I not a good friend with an foe! Throwing a fit! Going crazy at their walls! And I got into my those cops! With hands cuffs I not sorry for their mistakes! At home with damage walls! So much jokes on the side I can see outdoors! I still tossing things back inside my house! People shaking their heads! And calling me stupid!


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