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Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Don’t want to take responsibility of his children. Keeps screwing around with women and don’t want to be the father. When his children is born. A low life without any visits I telling them how much he’s careless. Poor little children grows colder each and everyday. No guidance in the child life. Leaves them left to died in the future. Without daddy cares mom do the hack of her job. Making sure her children is ok. While he disappeared in the flash. On holiday when father comes. He always want some money. His son said Don’t ever as me nothing. You wasn’t around dad. Father knows he was wrong with disappearing. When his kid was a baby. That’s why they called him a dead beat dad. With her pretends to be apart his children life. Refuse to be in their lives. So much money in his self not for supporting children. What kind of man doesn’t care about his little blessing.


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