Can’t Wait Till The Weekends Read Count : 51

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Sub Category : Childrens
Staring at the time while at school acting the fool. Saturday almost here. Yeah. I going to the mall with my best friends. I going shopping and getting tattoos. My brother got a football practice. He’s very angry. I siting on my chair looking at the clock. When bells ringing. Every kids jumping out their seats. Saturday is my day getting ready to hang with my friends. Going shopping in the mall today. Getting me few clothes and hair cut. Chatting with buddies. You got to understand I’m a tennager. Girls likes to having fun too. I know my little brother very piss off. Can’t go on the show with his date. Walking around in the mall with my friends. Getting many likes on the web site. Looking at the suit I will wear someday. To the prom with my future Cinderella. Buying me some iced and pretzels with mustard.


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