Angel Inside Of Me Read Count : 9

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
From heaven and above. Feeling the Holy Spirit rising. So much joy into my soul. God sent me an blessing truth. There’s my protector and friendship. My sister walking with me. When things gets tough. She talking to me. I alone for the weekends. I sense a pure of light shining over me. My sister is there with her wings. We talking about just anything. Even doe things gets outer hands. There is a rescue for my needs. I so glad can see her far and wide. Flying into heaven from the earth. We need someone nice like her. There’s is sorrow all over the town. At home listen to my Christian songs. Sense a present by myside. Sweet sister from the holy land. With no enemy near me. With a cross protecting me from harms way. Holding on to my dear sister. She deserves a wonderful friend.


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