Why The World Is Changing Read Count : 42

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The weather outside isn’t like used to be! Storms getting tougher each and everyday! The global warning isn’t a joke! Dealing with emergency mass destruction and damages! Oh Mother Earth! What’s going on! Trashes, factories and bad air quality! This generation coming to the end! Summer heat temperatures rising up the max! People going out for swimming and air conditioners! Lord our world is dying with bad bacteria! So much stress in the sea! Smelling bad older making people sick! The storms keeps on getting worse! Some many worries now days! I scare of twister down in Texas! Even earthquakes destroy our soils! Every nature is bond and changing! The world getting very dew! Our grounds is switching around! Just like the dinosaurs era! So many death tolls in the world! Major floods across the land! Poor people running to safety! Quit destroying our planet people!


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