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Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Time is speeding for my clock. Laying my life away. So much years we all got on earth. Sitting on the sofa looking at news. Our world not getting much brighter. Time clicking sounds on my ears. Some people on the hurry for work. While I relaxing in my bed. Sleeping and holding myself. Same for my heart attack. Let me know the pain inside my chest. Hurry to calling the doctor quick. Getting some help or else I’m doom. Our hearts got a time limited. Beeping sounds comes from the chest. Once’s it’s stops we all are dead. Rest in peace in casket. Without any beeping to save my soul. That’s why doctors got a machine will recharge our hearts beeps. Same for clocks after batteries died. Sleeping in my bed with an clock sound. While hearing busy city making too much noise. The speeding of days goes by. Take my time in the shower. And relax right back to bed.


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