Run To The Light Read Count : 46

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
In the darkness filled with terrible things. Sea creators on the loose. Can’t walking alone the fields. Hearing things in those grass. Where’s the moon when it’s comes to safety. In the pathway to h** of night. So much shaking down those giants. There’s a gateway to underworld ruins. Cities only sleeps for the night. One main problem cannibalism. Leads to sacrificing in breaking dawn. I not a steak to be eating. Same my workers friends. We can’t stick around to be dinner meat. Running with breath to take. Filled others crumbling on the ground. Staying away from traps and spikes. Ain’t trying to died tonight. Hearing voices from others people with spears and chasing us. Leaving us alone y’all hairy folks it’s not my time to go. There’s a hole up those cave top where we all seeing the light.


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