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I don't prentend to know it all,
but there are some things I've come to understand.
You cannot reach for God,
if He does not take your hand.
You can't expect blessings
when you don't respect His 
You cannot find the freedom He speaks of when you're living for the thrills.
Faith cannot be based upon a feeling or how many times you 'fall'
If God acted on His feelings you would not be here at all.
You will never find your healing if it's depended upon men.
They don't know who He really is.
Just like His people did'nt know then.
You must wake up and percieve.
You have to start to question what is real.
Don't you think it's time to leave?

They don't care about eternity.
They don't care about lost souls.
They keep counting money in their pockets, 
but their pockets always have holes.
That's why their eyes are always on the door,
hoping for some more.
So it's not even funny 
They don't like it when you leave,
but they like the money.

The audacity to pretend to own a gift He never gave.
Pride shines through the words they speak.
They want to be important.
They want you to know.
But I wonder if they ever considered the fact that maybe God does not attend a show.


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